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A Complete Toolkit

A Swiss Knife for Google Workspace Administrators which allows bulk operations from the simplicity of Google Sheets

Manage OrgUnits

Create, Update, Delete, Export Google Workspace Org Units in bulk

Manage Users

Create, Update, Delete, Export Google Workspace Users in bulk

Manage Groups

Create, Update, Delete, Export Google Workspace Groups in bulk

Manage Members

Add, Update, Remove, Export members from Google Workspace Groups in bulk

Manage Licenses

Assign, Update, Un-assign, Export Google Workspace Licenses in bulk

Custom Schema

Create, Update, Delete, Export Google Workspace custom attributes in bulk

Much More

We simplified all Google Workspace objects bulk administration for you

Easy as using Google Sheets 🤩

Start using GW Manager in just 3 simple steps, experience the Ease—Watch Our Demos Now!

Install Add-on

Install GW Manager Add on from the Google Workspace Marketplace

Provide Input

Populate your Google Sheet with the details (e.g which users to delete in bulk)

Execute Tasks

Simply press the button to initiate the desired action (e.g delete users).

See the Magic

Relax, let 'GW Manager' do the magic, save time, and deliver the results.

Workspace Community Loves it ❤️

Your Google Workspace Admin friends already felt in love with GW Manager
(*reviews sourced from Google Workspace Marketplace listing)

"GW Manager is truly a game-changer! The interface is user-friendly, and the features are incredibly powerful. It's made managing our Google Workspace a breeze!"

Blake Nguyen

"Highly recommend GW Manager! It's intuitive, efficient, and a must-have tool for any Google Workspace admin. Its bulk operations feature has saved us countless hours!"

Omar Ahmed

"A gem for Google Workspace management! GW Manager has streamlined our processes, making everything more efficient. Absolutely essential for any admin!"

Lionel Grant

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Frequently asked questions about GW Manager

What is GW Manager?

GW Manager is a Google Sheet add-on built for Google Workspace Administrators.

It helps you bulk create, update, delete and export your Google Workspace objects like users, groups, members, aliases, licenses, custom schema etc.

You can also visit our documentation page to learn more about GW Manager capabilities, and how it can simplify your day to day Google Workspace administration.

Is it safe to use GW Manager?

GW Manager only stores information that is required for us to operate (e.g your email address associated with GW Manager sign up).

You can learn more about which data we collect, and how we secure it on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services pages below.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Data Security

How much does GW Manager cost?

You can learn more about GW Manager’s pricing on the pricing page, benefit from our early bird discount.

How to use GW Manager like a PRO?

Good question, We have made GW Manager very intuitive, it is as easy as using Google Sheet.

We also recommend you to watch step by step tutorials on our documentation page if you need a starting point.

Still have questions?

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